The Challenge of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Not surprisingly after the great success of the Qur'anic challenge "to bring a sura like it", others picked up on this approach and brought a similar challenge of their own.

Please carefully read The challenge of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ([1], [2]) which he gave as evidence that he is indeed the promised Messiah. Was his challenge met??? I haven't seen it responded to on the anti-Ahmadiyya pages ([1], [2]). One of his works in Arabic is online, the poem in praise of Muhammad, Al-Qaseedah ([1], [2]).

Obviously, Mr. Ahmad did not challenge the Qur'an but thought that by "bringing a challenge like it", he could support his claim to divine authority. He did learn well from Muhammad in this regard.

Does that mean Mr. Ahmad is the Promised Messiah? Is he a divinely appointed reformer of Islam and all Muslims should follow him?

Who would be an acceptable judge for his challenge?
What are the criteria?
Should all Muslims become Ahmadiyya now?

All the questions asked in regard to the Qur'anic challenge need to be asked about Mr. Ahmad's challenge as well.

Who can say it is met or it is not met in a way that is authoritative so that all those Muslims - and even non-Muslims - who are not Arabic speakers, can know whether they should follow Mr. Ahmad's interpretation of Islam?

If you don't think that Mr. Ahmad is sent by God and don't think that you should become an Ahmadiyya Muslim, why would you maintain that because of the Qur'anic challenge I should accept Islam?

I cannot see how one can maintain the validity of one challenge and discount the validity of the other.

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