Furqan - the Criterion

In Surat at-Baqara 2:53 we read:

The text is clear. The Book Moses received is known as the Pentateuch (five books) or the Torah. This is not disputed. The Furqan therefore must be the Ten Commandments, for they are which distinguish between right and wrong. The reason the Muslims always misinterpret this is they want the Quran to be the Furqan. It could not be since it was given to Moses before the Quran was ever revealed.

The Ahmadiyyas mistakenly say the Book is the Ten Commandments. Tafsir al-Jalilayn agrees with me that the book is the Torah. The Furqan then has to be the Ten Commandments and the other laws God gave to Moses to distinguish right from wrong.

This is confirmed by the very much parallel verse in Exodus 24:12

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