First part :

Mr. Al-Kadhi says : "If we were to read the Bible we would find that long after the departure of Jesus, his faithful followers continued to keep up their daily attendance at the Temple (Acts 2:46) It would be beyond belief to imagine that had Jesus indeed preached to his apostles that he was God, and if Jesus had indeed commanded them to forsake the commandments, that they would then disregard all of this and continue to worship in a Jewish synagogue on a daily basis, let alone the great Temple itself. It is further beyond belief that the Jews of the Temple would stand idly by and allow them to do this if they were preaching the total cancellation of the law of Moses and that Jesus was God."

Mr. Al-Kadhi is making two unrelated questions into one.

Did Mr. Al-Kadhi really read the book of Acts? The apostles did not preach the abandonment of the law. Instead, they were preaching the new found salvation in Jesus. They were witnesses to His resurrection. In fact, their preaching created havoc in the temple :

Note that all these happened long before Paul became a believer.

The second part:

Mr. Al-Kadhi quotes a number of Biblical passages to show the unity of God. But, he did not look at the parallel passages in the Gospels. Some of these passages are very illuminating, once we combined them with the teachings of in the Gospels and Acts :

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