2.1.9 How many books of the Bible are ‘truly inspired’?: Today, Christian sects are not agreed on the definition of what exactly is an “inspired” book of God. The Protestants are taught that there are 66 truly “inspired” books in the Bible, while the Catholics have been taught that there are 73 truly “inspired” books, not to mention the many other sects and their “newer” books, such as the Mormons, etc. As we shall see shortly, the very first Christians, for many generations, did not follow either the 66 books of the Protestants, nor the 73 books of the Catholics. Quite the opposite, that generation believed in books that were, many generations later, “recognized” to be fabrications and apocrypha by a more enlightened age than that of the apostles and which have since been completely destroyed by the Church. For more on this topic please read section 2.4

RESPONSE: Indeed you will have to see section 2.4. The issue of the formation of the canon (i.e. deciding which books should be in the Bible) is quite different to that of corruption of the text, which we are dealing with here in section 2.1.